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Bonnie & Clyde’s Story

Life is good for Bonnie & Clyde. They have completely taken over our house and our lives - we are very well trained! As time goes by we see them getting braver and more outgoing....and noisy. Clyde knows that this is his territory and anybody who dares to make a noise while he is outside hears about it. Bonnie, on the other hand, only barks when she spots a squirrel or other intruder. We know its something serious when we hear her. They still travel as though joined at the hip, which is funny to watch. But now when one of us is holding Bonnie and Clyde jumps all over us it's not because he’s

They enjoy their routine and are quick to let Dale know if I've washed their beds or moved something around - it's like they're tattling on me. We just laugh at the two of them.


They're getting better when people come to the house: they don't run and hide but will approach people and have a sniff. They still jump away if you try to pick them up, unless its their idea to be picked up. And they really don't know how to play. Clyde indulges us once in a while by tugging on a toy or sock but Miss Bonnie sits to the side with a disgusted look on her face. Clyde does like to run, like the wind, and our boys get him going untill he's worn out.


All in all I'd say they're doing just fine.

February 2011

protecting her but because he wants his fair share of the attention. Bonnie is still a princess, expecting to be waited on and lifted up. It's just been this past week that Dale has convinced her that she is capable of and expected to select her treat and carry it to her bed on her own (as opposed to the delivery service she has been getting up until now). Clyde, of course, selects his treat and runs like heck with it.